How To Make Your Credit Better In 5 Steps.

Follow these steps to get your credit better:

Maybe you were declined at your bank, maybe you didn’t get approved for that car loan, or maybe you have even been declined tenancy for an apartment rental.  Whatever the issue, it’s your credit score that is holding you back.  Credit seems to be the most important factor when someone is applying for a loan.  If your credit score is suffering don’t worry, all is not lost.  Below are 5 steps to take to improve your credit.

STEP #1 – Get a copy of your credit report.  You will want to contact Equifax and Transunion to get them to send you a copy of your credit report.  You can contact free places like Credit Karma, but they may not have the full details you will need to implement your debt repayment.

STEP #2 – If you have any unpaid collections, judgements, late payments on credit cards etc. etc. etc.  get them paid off asap.  Find the money from some source, any source.  Even if you are in dispute, just pay it and argue it later.
STEP #3 – Pay down any credit cards or lines of credit so they are only at 75% of their limit.

STEP #4 – Asks us how to apply for a secured credit card and to possibly get a line of
credit.  Once you have your credit card use it sparingly and pay it off every month.

STEP #5 – WAIT.  Yes wait.  As months go by your credit score will climb and in 6 months to a year that mortgage will be well within reach.  If, however, you are currently in a debt proposal or bankrupt you will need more time.  But once you are out of the situation start with the above steps.

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