Why Use Our Little Office

Some may consider a locally-serviced mortgage brokerage too small to be effective in the competitive mortgage lending market.  In reality, small locally-owned offices are similar to boutique companies in that they are extremely specialized businesses with a focus on customer service and professionalism.  As a client of a small mortgage brokerage, you can rest assured that the entire office team is working to assist you to create a smooth and efficient mortgage transaction.  Our reason for existence is to focus entirely on our clients.  Bigger is not necessarily better. In a fast-paced world where bigger is often better, a locally-serviced mortgage brokerage, like The Brant Mortgage Team, can still stand among the best.  We have access to the same lenders & banks that the large firms do and other specialty mortgage products like Commercial Mortgages, 2nd Mortgage Financing, or Reverse Mortgages which may simply not be available at the big banks.

7 Reasons To Choose Our Little Office…

  1. 1. Quality Over Quantity
    We focus on each client’s unique needs.  Instead of focusing on the number of sales we focus on customer service. Each client makes a significant impact on our business and we like to treat them as such.
  2. 2. A Small Team Communicates Effectively
    We are always in constant communication making sure we know the status of each application.  With a large team communication can be hard to keep consistent.
  3. 3. Vigilant on Cultivating Our Reputation
    Unlike the Big Banks we don’t have a recognizable brand to use as a source of our worth.  We are eager to show our ability to compete with the big banks.  In our town reputation matters and word of mouth provides much of our business.  We strive to build relationships by offering consistently reliable, top quality service.
  4. 4. Direct Access to a Live Person
    Instead of an answering service we have our office phone lines linked directly to our cell phones.  If you cannot reach us rest assured we will be returning your call very quickly.  We have been told this is the reason people have chosen to use our services.  When you call there are not 20 departments to go through before reaching a live person.  When you need answers you want them ASAP; we strive to be available for that reason.
  5. 5. Personal Relationships & Service
    We enjoy cultivating life-long relationships with our clients.  This allows us to know your situation and in many instances be able to recall information for you just from memory.  If not we have direct access to your old file at the click of a button.
  6. 6. Your Privacy is Safe With Us
    A mortgage application contains enough information for someone to steal your identity.  In a big company this confidential information has more chance of accidentally being seen by too many people.  In our office it is just our close knit team that can see your personal information.  Once your file is complete we shred any & all documentation we have for you.  We save all of your personal information on our password protected document server. 
  7. 7. Two Mortgage Agents In One
    We work together on each and every client we help.  We’ve been in the business for a combined 30 years of service and we bring knowledge from various areas of the mortgage industry.  We’ve been told the word on the street is that if our little office can’t find you a mortgage, then nobody can. 



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